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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Location: Dallas, TX
Agency: The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Due Date: February 9, 2017
Stipend: 4,000.00
Description: To provide an intensive research training experience that leads to an understanding of the planning, discipline, and teamwork involved in the pursuit of basic answers to current questions in the biological sciences. Fellows will pursue individual research projects under the direction of a member of the graduate school faculty. Lectures and seminars by faculty members will supplement the research experience. ELIGIBILITY Applicants must be enrolled in a science degree program at the undergraduate level and have completed the sophomore year. Criteria used in selecting fellowship recipients will include college grades, relevant experience, and letters of recommendation from faculty who can assess the applicant's potential for advanced training and success in biological research.

Contact Information
Contact: Vanessa A. Powell
Phone: 214-633-1311
Web Site:

Biology, Cellular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology