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Profile For Success Program- Dental School

Location: University of Michigan
Agency: University of Michigan
Due Date: March 1, 2019
GPA: 2.80
Description: The purpose of Profile for Success (PFS) is to assist junior and senior level college students and recent graduates through the admissions process for dental school. Program participants will also have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of career opportunities within dentistry. PFS targets college juniors, seniors, recent graduates, or individuals making a career transition who are on track to enter dental school the academic year following their participation. Preparation for the DAT is the main focus of this program. Participants will spend the majority of their time in test preparatory classes or facilitated study groups. In addition to test preparation, students participate in admissions workshops, simulated clinical and lab experiences, panel discussions on health disparities and lectures about various careers in dentistry. Each participant is assigned a dental student mentor, and there are formal and informal opportunities for participants to interact with faculty and staff.

Contact Information
Contact: Todd Ester
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