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John Hopkins University- Amgen Scholars Program

Location: Johns Hopkins University
Agency: Amgen
Due Date: February 1, 2019
GPA: 3.20
Description: Amgen Scholars at JHU will fully engage in research for 10 weeks with mentors known for the exceptional quality of their research and commitment to training scientists. Faculty will come from the university’s highly regarded science, medicine, and engineering departments. Scholars will be welcomed into their labs, working at the bench and participating in lab meetings and other activities. Scholars will also develop skills in communication, learning design principles for creating visually arresting and effective presentations, delivering research talks, and presenting posters at the program’s capstone event. Taking advantage of nearby Washington DC, we will invite experts to discuss the role of scientists in advocacy, policy design, and public education. Scholars will build an invaluable network, forging friendships with Hopkins faculty and researchers, other Amgen Scholars, and students from across the country.

Contact Information
Contact: Natalie Strobach
Phone: 410-516-6487
Web Site:

Biotech, Engineering, Medical School