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Vermont EPSCoR Internship

Location: VT EPSCoR Center for Workforce Development and Diversity
Agency: National Science Foundation
Due Date: January 30, 2019
Description: The Undergraduate Internship Program offers students the opportunity to participate in current research conducted through the Basin Resilience to Extreme Events (BREE) program. Undergraduates will be matched with a research team working on the transdisciplinary BREE research program. In spring, research teams will meet together at a Symposium to share their discoveries through an oral or poster presentation of their research. Students will do full-time, authentic research for 10 weeks in one of the following areas: Lake and Stream Ecology Climatology Water Chemistry & Microbiology Soil Nutrients Land Use Management Environmental Policy & Management Computer Programming The range of research areas in which students may participate is quite extensive. BREE interns delve into research projects -an opportunity not often available during the academic year. Projects are markedly different from most course-based work in that they are open-ended and part of a much larger research program.

Contact Information
Phone: 802-654-3270
Web Site:

Aquatic Biology, Chemistry, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Microbiology