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CU - Graduate Experiences for Multicultural Students (GEMS)

Location: University of Colorado
Agency: University of Colorado
Due Date: February 1, 2019
GPA: 3.00
Description: The goal of the GEMS Program is to provides summer research opportunities in basic and translational research in the areas of Heart, Lung and Blood Diseases. The GEMS Program comprises two components, one is made up of undergraduate students and the other, known as GEMS-HP, consists of students currently enrolled in Health Professional training. For more information on the GEMS-HP component please click on the "GEMS For Health Professional Students" button at the top of this page. The overarching goal of the GEMS program is to support the development of future biomedical scientists by providing undergraduate students with research opportunities and exposure to the realistic lifestyle of biomedical research. Therefore we are looking for students who plan to pursue a lifelong career in research. Selected undergraduate GEMS interns will participate in an intense ten-week summer research internship program, from June 3 through August 9, 2019. The program will consist of lectures, professional-development workshops, and a mentored laboratory research assignment. Participating laboratories are drawn from basic sciences as well as clinical sciences Departments at the UC-Denver Anschutz Medical Campus (UCD-AMC) including (but not limited to) pulmonary medicine, cardiology, pediatrics, biochemistry and molecular genetics, cell and developmental biology, cancer biology, human medical genetics, immunology, microbiology and molecular biology.

Contact Information
Contact: Dr. Adela Cota-Gomez
Phone: 303-724-6085
Web Site:

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