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NYU School of Medicine Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Location: NYU School of Medicine
Agency: Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
Due Date: February 1, 2019
Description: As a member of the summer 2019 class, you join approximately 30 students working in our exciting academic medical environment at NYU School of Medicine and NYU Langone Health. When you are accepted into the program, you are matched with a laboratory of interest in your preferred research area. Placement ultimately depends on the availability of mentors and the appropriateness of a lab for a summer intern. In a typical week, you spend most of your time conducting hands-on research under your research mentor’s direction in his or her lab. You also participate in weekly “Conversations with a Scientist/Physician” lunch sessions, journal clubs, and a series of Wednesday seminars followed by dinner at a local restaurant. There are also optional social activities, such as movie nights, museum tours, plays, concerts, and more. At the end of the summer, you have the opportunity to present your research at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium, also known as LANS. You also give a poster presentation to the NYU Langone research community. We encourage you to stay connected with your fellow students and mentoring faculty by joining the NYU Summer Undergraduate Research Program LinkedIn group.

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Cellular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Neuroscience