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REU: Warm-water aquatic ecology at Auburn University

Location: Auburn University
Agency: Auburn University
Due Date: February 1, 2019
Stipend: 5,500.00
Description: Having access to safe and abundant potable water is quickly becoming one of the most important global environmental issues. Some models predict that 40% of the world's population will suffer water shortages by 2025 due to several mechanisms, such as climate change, species invasions, and eutrophication. These issues have been especially challenging in the southeastern U.S. given the on-going explosive population growth and prolonged drought throughout the region. Unfortunately, less emphasis has been placed on the study of warm-water ecology (in contrast to ecological research in cooler, more temperate regions), thus creating a significant need for broadly-trained scientists capable of exploring complex, context-dependent natural and anthropogenic processes threatening water resources in warm regions of the world. This REU Site is a novel, collaborative effort involving Auburn University faculty mentors specializing in diverse but complementary disciplines, including community ecology, fisheries management, aquaculture, evolution, limnology, molecular biology, microbiology, invasive species, fish behavior, outreach, physiology, parasitology, and conservation. Together these disciplines provide the education basis for undergraduate students to learn about techniques and tools to study aquatic communities, specifically warm-water systems such as reservoirs, farm ponds, streams, and brackish estuaries. The primary objectives of this project include exposing participants to different scientific hypotheses, research techniques, and ecological habitats and conditions in an engaging, interdisciplinary atmosphere that fosters a strong interest in aquatic sciences by the next generation of water experts.

Contact Information
Contact: Dr. Alan Wilson
Phone: 334-246-1120
Web Site:

Aquatic Biology, Ecology