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ACCESS Summer Internship Program

Location: Weill Cornell Graduate School
Agency: Weill Cornell Graduate School
Due Date: February 14, 2018
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 5,000.00
Travel: 500.00
Description: During the summer of 2018, Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF) and Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials (PARADIM) will sponsor Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) programs from June through August. Engineering and science students with broad interests across disciplines focusing on nanotechnology are eligible to apply (please find restrictions and eligibility requirements online). Please note we have very specific goals of doing our best to hire underrepresented minorities, women, and undergraduates who have no previous research experience (although, not to the exclusion of well-represented undergraduates as is evident from looking at photographs from any of our REU programs). The chosen undergraduates taking part in this ten-week program will receive hands-on nanoscience and technology experience through research, with applications to bio-engineering, chemistry, electronics, materials science, optics, optoelectronics, physics, and the life sciences. The research projects are designed and supervised by the faculty and technical staff at CNF and PARADIM using the unique resources offered. A Nano-Convocation is held in August to allow interns the opportunity to present their work to their peers in a concise scientific presentation. Interns also must complete a written report, akin to a research paper, summarizing the findings of their research project. These reports are published and distributed to the interns and sites, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and many others. Participants receive a $5,000 stipend, plus housing and reasonable travel expenses. Full participation in the ten-week program, convocation and final reporting is mandatory.

Contact Information
Phone: 607-255-5820
Web Site:

Biology, Chemistry