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REU University of Dakota

Location: University of Dakota
Agency: REU University of Dakota
Due Date: February 28, 2017
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 5,775.00
Description: This REU Site award to the University of South Dakota, located in Vermillion, SD, will support the training of 10 students for 11 weeks during the summers of 2017-2019. The dates for 2017 are 30 May through 11 August. REU students participating in the Sustainable RIVER project will examine the functioning and management of the Missouri River as a lens through which to study complex, interdisciplinary systems. Through individual research projects with faculty mentors from USD’s multi-disciplinary Missouri River Institute, students will address the question of how invasive elements in the Missouri River and its uplands affect the sustainability of the river and the humans who depend on it. Students will also meet as a team weekly to integrate their knowledge gained from the individual projects to create a team project to address the question of how we can cultivate a more resilient Missouri River that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders and sustains diverse, functioning ecosystems.

Contact Information
Phone: 605-677-3115
Web Site:

Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences