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Summer Medical and Dental Education Program

Location: Student
Agency: SMEDEP
Due Date: March 1, 2017
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 600.00
Description: The SMDEP program offers students a variety of academic and career experiences that will support their dental and medical school career preparation. Academic enrichment in the basic sciences and quantitative topics Learning-Skills Development-including study skills and methods of individual and group learning Clinical exposure through small-group clinical rotations and full-group clinician seminars. This is limited to 5% of program time for all the sites Career development, including the exploration of the medical and dental careers, other health professions and an individualized education plan to identify other appropriate enrichment activities Financial planning workshop and health policy seminars All the housing costs and most meals are covered by the program. Scholars are provided with a $600 stipend which is typically distributed at the midway and at the end of the program. Some program sites offer travel assistance awards. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation also provides a needs-based scholarship for travel to and from the program site.

Contact Information
Phone: 866-587-6337
Web Site:

Biology, Health Related Research, Immunology, Medical School