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NIH-sponsored CASE PREP

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Agency: Case Western University
Due Date: March 15, 2018
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 27,200.00
Description: The NHI-sponsored CASE PREP is a post-baccalaureate for students looking to enter PhD graduate programs in the biomedical sciences. The program offers a paid research experience with seasoned investigators in active and dynamic laboratories. Students complete significant programming to strengthen academic preparation, to increase communication skills, and to complete graduate school applications that will augment the research experience. Measurable outcomes include matriculation at Case and other graduate programs, as well as indicators of science attitudes, coursework grades, and personal reflections of accomplishment. Case PREP provides students with free math and science courses tailored to your needs, skill development in research presentations, GRE workshops, courses, and practice exams. Students also attend national biomedical research conferences, PREP mock interview days and receive guidance and coaching in preparing applications to PhD programs. All of theses activities are free and PREP Scholars receive an annual stipend of $27,200.

Contact Information
Contact: Malana Bey
Phone: 216-368-5655
Web Site:

Biology, Biotech, Cellular Biology, Health Related Research, Postbachelor Programs