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Latino Mental Health Research Training Program

Location: California and Mexico
Agency: USC and BUAP Medical School in Puebla Mexico
Due Date: February 1, 2018
GPA: 3.00
Description: Dr. Steven Lopez at USC’s Department of Psychology, Dr. Shoshana Berenzon at the Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria Ramón de la Fuente Muñiz (INP) in México City, and colleagues at the Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatria (INP), USC, UCLA, University of Oregon and California State University at San Bernardino have established an 11-week summer research training program designed to prepare undergraduate and graduate level researchers to address disparities in mental health care of U.S. Latinos with mental illness and substance use disorders. The specific aims of our National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) funded MHIRT program are: 1) To recruit the very best young researchers from groups with significant health disparities, particularly Latinos. 2) To help the trainees develop the research and professional skills to reduce and eliminate mental health disparities for Latinos. 3) To increase the number of researchers from communities with significant health disparities who receive research oriented doctoral degrees.

Contact Information
Contact: Marelle Berry
Phone: 213-740-5570
Web Site:

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