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Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program

Location: New York, NY
Agency: Weill Cornell Medical College
Due Date: February 1, 2018
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 980.00
Description: The Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program is designed to give 25 premedical students deeper insights into the field of medicine, including issues that greatly affect the health of traditionally underserved groups. Through the experiences of laboratory or clinical research, the student learns how one pursues a specific research problem under the supervision of a faculty member, thus providing an early education into basic research techniques that could be applicable to any area of medicine. Students participate in lectures of cardiovascular physiology, exposing the students to basic science concepts that are relevant to a more specific understanding of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, among other topics. Rounds in the hospital with advanced year students provide further exposure to the clinical facets of medicine. Participants receive a $140-a-week cost-of-living allowance and free housing. Travel expenses are paid for students that live some distance from New York. The program runs from June 22, 2015 - August 7, 2015.

Contact Information
Contact: Elizabeth A. Wilson-Anstey
Phone: 212-746-1057
Web Site:

Biology, Health Related Research, Medical School