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2015 Sevilleta LTER Research Experience for Undergraduates Program

Location: New Mexico
Agency: Sevilleta Long Term Ecological Research
Due Date: February 24, 2017
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 5,000.00
Travel: 500.00
Description: The REU Site Program at the Sevilleta LTER in central New Mexico will train up to 12 undergraduate students who will conduct independent research under the guidance of UNM faculty in Art, Biology, Ecology, and Earth and Planetary Sciences. As students conduct research, they will learn how to be a scientist, along with many technical, methodological and ethical issues that arise in scientific research. Candidates will receive a stipend of $5000 during the 10-week summer program that will run from May 29 - August 7, housing and a refund of travel costs to and from the UNM Sevilleta Field Station up to $500. Research will be conducted in and around the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, and Art students will create original art pieces, and both groups will present their projects at the annual symposium to be held on 6 August 2015. A completed application for the program will consist of a complete online application, a resume, an unofficial copy of your academic transcript, 2 letters of recommendation and a two-page essay.

Contact Information
Contact: Amaris Swann
Web Site:

Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences