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Biomedical Research Apprenticeship Program

Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Agency: Washington University in St. Louis
Due Date: February 1, 2018
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 4,000.00
Description: The BioMedRAP is designed to recruit exceptional students interested in careers in biological and biomedical sciences with an intensive 10-week laboratory experience at one of the top research institutions in the nation. Participants will engage in an independent research project under the mentorship of faculty at Washington University in St. Louis. Students who have had prior research experience and are currently enrolled in a U.S. undergraduate program are encouraged to apply to BioMedRAP. The stipend for the 2018 program is $4000 and is quite ample to sustain you while in St. Louis. We provide housing, travel and many meals throughout the summer. Program activities include seminars, individualized career counseling, workshops on applying to Ph.D. and M.D. /Ph.D. programs, social activities and much more. The program will conclude with a symposium featuring research presentations by participants.

Contact Information
Contact: Joel Dalton
Phone: 314-362-7456
Web Site:

Biology, Cellular Biology