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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) Program

Location: California, Florida
Agency: The Scripps Research Institute
Due Date: February 15, 2018
GPA: 3.20
Stipend: 5,000.00
Description: The Office of Educational Outreach and Community Engagement invites applications from students who are interested in its ten-week Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF) Program. This program provides its participants the opportunity to perform cutting-edge research in one of our 250 laboratories side by side with our world-renowned faculty. The goals of the program are to: 1. Make program participants feel comfortable in a lab setting and increase their research skills. 2. Teach participants to think critically about the theory and application of biomedical research. 3. Increase the participants’ proficiency in communicating scientific concepts. 4. Increase the number of underrepresented and first-generation to college students who consider careers in biomedical research. Students can choose to apply to either the La Jolla campus in California or the Jupiter campus in Florida with one application.

Contact Information
Phone: 858-784-8469
Web Site:

Bioinformatics, Biology, Cellular Biology, Genetics, Microbiology