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Marine Organism Health: Resilience and Response to Environmental Change

Location: Charleston, South Carolina
Agency: College of Charleston, The Fort Johnson Campus
Due Date: February 15, 2017
GPA: 3.00
Stipend: 5,500.00
Description: The Fort Johnson Undergraduate Summer Research Program is centered on the theme: “Marine Organism Health: Resilience and Response to Environmental Change.” Since its creation a 160 students from 41 states and Puerto Rico have participated in this program. Interns are matched to individual faculty mentors and initiate planning for potential research projects for a period of ten weeks. Individual and group activities will be centered on the impacts of climate change, natural disasters, pollution, and coastal development on the health of marine organisms as individuals, communities, populations and species. Specific projects topics will address fishery stock genetics, infection and disease resistance in marine species, molecular and cellular indicators of environmental disturbance, physiological adaptations to stress and biotoxins. You will participate in group activities which include: skill-building workshops, field trips to diverse estuarine habitats, and focused journal clubs. At the end of the summer you will give an oral presentation and deliver a written research paper. Housing is available at the dormitories of the Grice Laboratory and a stipend of approximately $5500 for the summer, which includes a food allowance. You will also receive a travel allowance and a supply budget to support the research project and other program activities. To be elegible for the program you must have completed at least one to three years of college, but have not yet received a Bachelor’s degree, completed some upper-level coursework in fields related to the program and have current plans for a career in scientific research. To complete the application you need to click on the Application tab (not the Apply Now tab) and then download the form.

Contact Information
Contact: Robert Podolsky
Phone: 843-953-9186
Web Site:

Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Evolution, Marine Sciences, Microbiology